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Equipment Vendor Financing Solutions

by Wade Bergquist | Director of Vendor Services

Over the last several months equipment vendors, resellers, manufacturers, and distributors have been introduced to Envision Capital Group’s proprietary vendor financing platform – Vendor 360™. When we first talk with equipment vendors our primary focus is to be a great partner and follow through on our programs four primary goals:

  1. Help vendors sell more equipment via custom finance options.
  2. Provide an excellent working relationship to our vendor partners.
  3. Assist vendors in building and maintaining a loyal customer base.
  4. Increase vendor profit margin while focusing on the best interest of their customers.

These goals are achieved through experience (since 2007), integrity, and transparency. Ever building on a foundation of excellent customer/vendor satisfaction, we want to take this time to better explain the three solutions (or tiers) vendors have when working with Envision Capital Group.

Tier #1:

After understanding what a vendor is looking for in an equipment finance partner often Tier #1 is the best choice. Tier #1 involves a formal conversation with Envision Capital Group management to discuss vendor finance goals and expectations. If our two companies feel a working partnership is beneficial, getting started is easy. You provide your customers contact information to us over the phone or you can fill out our “quick application” via our website and we do the rest. When we receive the information online we are notified in real-time, so we can process the application immediately. You send us the applications. We fund the deals. You sell more equipment. It’s that simple!

Tier #2

This option is designed for equipment vendors who have consistent traffic/visitors going to their website. Tier #2 involves placing an Envision Capital Group finance button on the vendors website. When the button is clicked the visitor is directed back to the Envision Capital Group website. When the information is filled out we are notified in real-time, so we can process the application immediately. We can do this for any website, the technology is easy to implement, can be done in a matter of minutes, and is 100% free of charge. We also provide complementary analytics to you monthly. If you have visitors on your site (shopping after hours) having a finance button is very important due to the fact they can communicate with you and inquire about financing. Equipment vendors who don’t have this feature on their site can be missing sales opportunities.

Tier #3

If you are looking to offer financing to your customers on your website and wish to build a custom equipment financing page Tier #3 is the perfect choice. Envision Capital Group in association with our digital partner can build a 100% custom equipment finance page. When the information is filled out we are notified in real time, so we can process the application immediately. Tier #3 is typically for existing Vendor 360 clients, yet exceptions can be made.

If you have any questions about Vendor 360 and how it can be implemented to fit your business and your customers finance needs, we look forward to talking with you. 100% of the vendors we work with want to sell more equipment. Custom finance solutions will help sell more equipment, build a loyal customer base, and drive profits.