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8 Possibilities to Explore with Financing

Equipment Financing

Here’s how financing can get things moving…

Refresh or expand your space
Gain room to grow for your business or improve your physical location’s look with a loan.

Purchase more inventory
Always be ready for greater demand. Use a loan to help with inventory purchases.

Go with the (cash) flow
Enjoy unrestricted cash flow with affordable monthly payments you can count on.

Enjoy potential tax benefits
Benefits like the Section 179 tax deduction can reduce overall equipment costs when you finance.

Be nimble
Never miss another opportunity. Financing provides flexibility, so you can take chances without fear.

Spread the news
Use financing for marketing and advertising costs to tell everyone about the great things your business is doing.

Invest in your greatest asset
Your people.

Not all applicants will qualify for financing. All finance programs and rates are subject to final approval by Envision Capital Group, and are subject to change at any time without notice. Supporting financial documentation may be required for any transaction with Envision Capital Group. If a transaction is over $250k, then supporting financial documentation will be required.

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