Commercial Financing

Envision offers commercial financing solutions for transactions between $500K and $50MM

Large Financing Case Study:

$22MM Asset-Based Financing for Manufacturing Facility in the Transportation & Logistics Industry

Transaction Requirements:

  • Eight month project buildout before manufacturing commencement
  • Need for early-term cash flow relief until significant order escalation occurs
  • Long-term purchase contract from major US public company structured with rebates


  • Progress-pay financing converting to a five-year initial term and extensions with step-up payments
  • Final funding partners include hedge fund participants
  • Subordination of rebates and assignment of long-term purchase contract by major customer

Why Envision Capital Group?

Envision provides an unrivaled funding partnership. We manage private funds and extensive market relationships to deliver customized financing to fit your equipment and project requirements.

Benefits of Financing

  • No non-utilization fees
  • No blanket liens
  • No covenants

Project Management Expertise

Streamline your project management logistics with Envision’s ability to deliver progress (milestone) payments to vendors. We provide end-to-end fulfillment with straightforward documentation and coordination across multiple vendors, locations, and disbursement schedules.

Complimentary Financing

Diversify your lender base by preserving your senior secured lending capacity for other working capital needs, possible acquisitions, and/or protect against any future liquidity pressure.

Flexible Financing Options

Obtain lifecycle business products as your company matures and evolves, including 100% equipment financing advances. We also offer acquisition financing for future growth.








Oil & Gas

Finance Solutions Tailor Made for Capital-Intensive Industries

Aviation & Ground Support

Taking flight with our clients, Envision serves those who transport the nation’s products and business executives, as well as FBOs who serve airports nationwide, by financing fixed-wing, rotor products, commercial aircraft engine and ground support equipment (GSE). GSE are highly specialized assets and thus require high-level expertise and understanding for proper documentation; the key to financing these assets is accurate amortization of the equipment’s useful life to better structure terms.

Transportation & Titled Vehicles

Transportation markets carry the weight of distribution networks along with the nation’s airways, railways, and roadways. Envision’s fleet financing and leasing options lighten the load with well-financed cash flow for reefer and heavy-haul trailers, tractors of various vintage, hopper cars for rail applications, passenger cars, and more.

Food & Beverage

The food and beverage production industry and its production-line technology is evolving and improving daily. Envision is here to craft financing in a way to help food manufacturers keep pace with their competitors. Previously, Envision has helped companies finance catwalks, HVACs, packing equipment, and more for deals up to $100MM.

Concrete & Infrastructure

Building the nation’s infrastructure requires use of heavy equipment, demanding a well-financed strategy. Long-term financing of notes and capital leases in conjunction with operating leases will support a business’s financial foundation and stabilize cash flow in this sector. Envision’s expertise includes concrete-related assets such as pumps, mixers (pre-cast and transport-related), pavers, and more.


Envision supports “Made in America” as well as the companies that provide engineering and assembly for product development both here and abroad. As U.S. manufacturing continues to pick up steam and corporations refresh the assets required to do so, Envision forges production with well-financed strategies. Across multiple applications, we support equipment such as CNCs, lathes, injection molding, textile machinery, and assets for food production.

Construction & Cranes

Cranes, specialized rigging, and construction assets erect the nation’s buildings and infrastructure. Financing solutions are paramount to the longevity of this capital-intensive industry.