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Funded Deals | Scott Kraus & Kim Nowak

If you have questions about the funded deals below, please get in touch with Scott Kraus at 949.225.1710 or via email at scott@ecgllc.com.

  • Private Venture Company
  • Funded: 12/30/22
  • Total Financed: $86,400.00
  • Equipment: Scrambler Therapy Device
  • Term: 60-months

  • A Recycling Management Company
  • Funded: 12/29/22
  • Financed Amount: $23,989.00
  • Equipment: used forklift
  • Term: 60-months
  • Repeat customer

If you have questions about these deals, please contact:

Scott Kraus
Sr. Vice President, Client Services
Envision Capital Group LLC
949.225.1710 Direct
949.225.1711 Fax
888.779.6989 Toll-Free (Ext. 2227)
scott@ecgllc.com or kim@ecgllc.com

$42,000 | Dental Office Financing

$180,000 | Dental Office Financing

$725,000 | Private Party Financing

$296,000 | HP 5200 3D Printer

  • Finance amount – $296,000
  • Equipment financed – HP 5200 3D Printer
  • Industry – Manufacturing
  • Term – 60 month term
  • Additional information – Our client purchased this machine in order to make Covid–19 face masks and ventilator parts. With her vast experience in both the medical and 3D print industry Kelly Montalbano delivered a very competitive rate in a matter of hours.

$95,000.00 | Stone & Marble Industry

  • Equipment financed – Monobloco Bridge Saw
  • Industry – Stone & Marble
  • Term – 60 months
  • Additional information – This company recently purchased an existing stone & marble fabrication shop that needed to upgrade old outdated equipment. Kelly Montalbano was able to get them time in business credit – which got them the best & lowest rate available, allowing them to double production and sales.

$102,527 | Logistics Industry (trailer)

Daniel Compagni was able to get a client approved for a 60-month term for a new trailer.

  • Type of Equipment: 2020 TTC refuse live floor trailer
  • Term: 60 months
  • Additional Information: Done as a “Corp Only” with three months deferred payments. This was our fourth schedule for this client
  • The trailer was shipped to Kilauea, HI by sea

$111,384 | Harvesting Bins

Jeff Mao was able to get a client approved for a 60-month term for new harvesting bins.

  • Finance amount – $111,384
  • Equipment financed – Harvesting Bins
  • Term – 60 months
  • Customer requested semi-annual payments and they were approved

$76,500 | Print Industry

Ryan McQuitty was able to get a client approved for a 48-month term for new printing equipment.

  • Approval month: November  2019
  • Equipment: 2015 Jeti Agfa Mira MG2732 Printer
  • Term: 48 months
  • Outcome: very smooth transaction. Docusign, quick prefund, quick install

$93,000 | Dental Industry

Michael D’Amico was able to get a dentist approved for a 65-month term for new office equipment.

  • Approval month: September 2019
  • TIB for dentist: 3-years
  • Credit rating: 663
  • Paid charge off in 2013
  • NO DNB

$89,300 | Dental Industry

Michael D’Amico was able to get a dentist approved for a 40-month equipment purchase.

  • Approval month: September 2019
  • TIB for dentist: 10-years
  • Credit rating: 651
  • Student loans: $249,000 (approved with this debt)

$87,000 | Dental Industry

Michael D’Amico was able to get a dentist approved for a 60-month equipment lease. The first three payments were deferred.

  • Approval month: September 2019.
  • TIB for dentist: 2.5 years.
  • Credit rating: 599.

$95,000 | Dental Industry

Michael D’Amico  worked with a dentist who was opening a new office and got him approved for six-months deferred financing. This allowed the dentist time to get the new practice up and running before he had to start making full payments for the equipment.

  • Approval date:  6.4.2019.
  • Equipment financed: Lightwalker ATS Hard/Soft Tissue Dental Laser

$60,000 | Dental Industry

Michael D’Amico helped a lab owner update his equipment to digital technology – increasing the types of jobs that he can now accept. Envision Capital Group was able to structure the loan as a “corporate only” loan to get him a lower monthly payment. Equipment financed: Dental Mill, 3D Dental Printer, Sintering Oven. Approval month: May 2019.

$40,000 | Manufacturing Industry

Michael D’Amico helped the customer find a trustworthy equipment vendor with a reputation for delivering reliable/dependable refurbished machining equipment. Customer received calibrated and warrantied equipment that had more capabilities.

  • Approval month: May 2019
  • Equipment financed: 2009 HAAS VF3-SS 12K RPM 4 Axis Mill

$90,000 | Dental Industry

Michael D’Amico was able to get the dentist approved for a 60-month lease with only one advance. Approval month: June 2019. Equipment: Lightwalker ATS Hard/Soft Tissue Dental Laser Package.

$65,000 | Excavating Company

Jeff Mao worked with an excavating company. Envision Capital Group provided $65,000 in working capital. Approval month: May 2019.

$75,000 | Excavating Industry

Jeff Mao worked with and excavating company. Envision Capital Group provided $75,000 in working capital. Approval month: July 2019.

$176,000 | Trucking Industry

Jeff Rowe and Envision Capital Group were able to secure $146,000 for a brand new glider kit for a transportation company in Wisconsin. A lot of banks will not finance glider kits due to some EPA restrictions. Our client was very pleased we got them approved. In addition to the equipment cost, we were able to secure $30,000 in working capital to ensure a spot where the glider would be built and for any miscellaneous parts and labor. Approval month: June 2019.

$55,000 | Farming Industry

Envision Capital Group and Ken Halik worked with a private farm. They were declined by five lenders. Envision Capital got them approved for a 60-month term for a 2016 Harlo HP5000 forklift. Approval month: June 2019.

$114,000 | Dental Industry

Ken Halik of Envision Capital Group worked with a dental office. Envision Capital got them approved for a 60-month term + six months of deferred payments.

  • Equipment financed: Ceramill Motion 2S Intraoral Scanner, a Motion 2 Ceramill Therm lll Milling Unit + furnace, and one MoonRay S100 3D printer.
  • Approval month: May 2019.

$65,000 | Dental Industry

Envision Capital Group and Ken Halik worked with a private dental office. They were declined by five other lenders. Envision Capital Group got them approved for a 60-month term + three months of differed payments. Equipment financed: Papaya 3D digital panoramic x-ray machine. Approval month: May 2019.

$50,000 | Bakery Equipment

Envision Capital Group worked with a bakery company helping them finance four new high capacity convection ovens. This tranaction was completed in seven business days allowing the company to triple their product output and secure two new long-term contracts with new customers. Approval month: March 2019.

Customer Testimonials

5 Star Google Review | Scott Kraus & Kim Nowak

“Kim and Scott at Envision Capital Group did a flawless job getting me approved for some new equipment my company desperately needed. Thanks for your exceptional service. I appreciate everything. From all of us at Turf 1, thank you!”

Homer Diaz
Turf 1

If you have questions about this transaction, please contact:

Scott Kraus
Sr. Vice President, Client Services
Envision Capital Group LLC
949.225.1710 Direct
949.225.1711 Fax
888.779.6989 Toll-Free (Ext. 2227)
scott@ecgllc.com or kim@ecgllc.com

Greg C | Google Review | January 01, 2023

Kim Nowak & Scott Kraus are wonderful to work with and always are attentive to detail. I will continue to use them for our business financing needs.

Click here to see our Google reviews.

Finance manager who worked with Greg C:

Scott Kraus
Sr. Vice President, Client Services
Envision Capital Group LLC
949.225.1710 Direct
949.225.1711 Fax
888.779.6989 Toll-Free (Ext. 2227)

scott@ecgllc.com or kim@ecgllc.com

Marvin C. Lee, DC, JD | Google Review | November 07, 2022

“Very responsive and professional. Great experience, and I would definitely use them again for equipment financing”.

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Scott Kraus
Sr. Vice President, Client Services
Envision Capital Group LLC
949.225.1710 Direct
949.225.1711 Fax
888.779.6989 Toll-Free (Ext. 2227)

scott@ecgllc.com or kim@ecgllc.com

J. Dervishaj | BBB Review | June 18, 2022

Working with Envision Capital, Renee & Michael is absolutely amazing. They go above and beyond in all aspects. They are quick with all their efforts and truly make things happen! Couldn’t ask for a better team to work with for finding the best financing solutions for our customers. A dream team that I’m like we get to partner with on many customer purchases! You Rock – thank you!! Visit our BBB profile page…here.

Chris W. | BBB Review | June 7, 2022

I highly recommend Envision Capital Group, I especially recommend Renee Tuttobene. They are very easy to get ahold of, always answered any question I had, and they guided me thru the process of the loan. Very competitive rates, and they understood my business needs. Review By: C. Whitmyer. Submitted: 06/07/2022

Derick Williams | Google Review | April 5, 2022

Chris Kensinger was great to work with. He got me a good interest rate that I could work with. Great experience.

Please see all of our Google Reviews here.

Daniel R. | BBB | May 19, 2022

I really appreciated Daniel Compagni and his service on behalf of my family’s company and me. Daniel helped me buy a piece of equipment and find a buyer, and he helped the guy with financing to finance my truck. He was really persistent in helping me through the Jungle of paperwork and worked hard to help me understand what I was getting into and what I was promised. I definitely would recommend him to others who may need his support and service.

Felix Perez | Google Review | March 17, 2022

Daniel Compagni, Thank you so much for all of your help, knowledge, and patience. I will be recommending you to all of my friends and family. I am really happy with my loan and my rates, keep doing what you are doing. Again thank you for treating me like a person and not another number. I really appreciate you.

Michelle Davis | Google Review | January 8, 2022

Hi My husband and I would like to Thank Envision Capital Group LLC for helping us purchase our 2018 T680 Kenworth to enhance our business. We would like to especially give a very special Thanks to Kelly Montalbano for her kindness, hard work, determination, and her honesty!!! She was very knowledgeable and very thorough in explaining any questions that we may have had. She was very professional, and on point, with handling any situation we came upon!! We can go on and on about the great service we’ve experienced with Kelly!!! We would highly recommend Kelly Montalbano@ Envision Capital Group LLC.
To anyone who’s looking for financing for their business etc. Thank You, Kelly, so very much!!!

Triple B Express LLC
Freddie/ Michelle D.

Matt Gabrielson | Google Review | December 18, 2021

Our company recently discovered Envision Capital Group. Renee worked with us and was very professional and to the point. I received feedback from our customers on how easy she made the process for them to obtain funding. Her large box of recourses has helped us and our customers out tremendously in all types of situations. We are currently working with our other business locations to further our great working relationship with Renee & Envision Capital Group.

Russ O. | BBB Review | April 15, 2021

Ryan at Envision is a pleasure to work with. He works just as hard to close the deal as I do, and that means something to me! He recently was able to acquire financing on a machine that another financial company was unable to, and quite frankly, they really didn’t even try. Ryan and Envision will be my go-to for machine tool financing in the future.

Laura Marasco | Google Review | January 13, 2021

Laura Marasco said: Kelly Montalbano was an absolute professional in the extremely time sensitive machine financing that I needed. There was never any doubt that she knew all the in’s and out’s of financing. She was always accessible and communicated with me every step of the way. I would not hesitate to work with Kelly and Envision Capital anytime I need financing for my business.

Please see all of our Google Reviews here.

Muffie Frye | Email Review | August 26, 2020

Muffie Frye said:
This is the first time I have worked with Renee Tuttobene and the company she represents, Envision Capital. I had such an incredible working relationship with Renee. She made everything all flow with such expertise , it made my end of the transaction extremally smooth. I have work with many lending companies throughout our 33 years in business, and I can say without a doubt, this was the best. Mary Fyre

Google Review | August 4, 2020

Working with Daniel was amazing 😉 He has assisted me in several transactions over the years and has offered excellent service. Smooth transaction & quick process.

Ray Mendoza | Google Review | August 3, 2020

Ray Mendoza said:
Just worked with Kim and Scott. Excellent team! They helped me to get my equipment and I’m extremely happy with the level of professionalism. Thank you guys!

Sherri Weatherby | Google Review | June 26, 2020

Sherri Weatherby said:
I have worked exclusively with Renee Tuttobene at Envision for 5 years financing my customers. She and Envision Capital do a fantastic job at providing my customers options so they can have something that fits their specific needs. Renee does a great job following through and executing the deal so the equipment can be delivered in a timely manner. Thank you for being a great partner!

Nathan Kirkwood | Google Review | June 25, 2020

Nathan Kirkwood said:

I had the privilege of working directly with Renee Tuttobene, from Envision Capital Group, on a recent purchase for my business. She could not have treated us any better than she did. She was a joy to work with, and got everything wrapped up quickly. I highly recommend Envision Capital, especially if you can work directly with Renee!

Charlotte Donohue | Google Review | June 23, 2020

Charlotte Donohue said:
Great company to work with, Dan (Lund) and Jeff (Mao) make it happen!

I have used them on three separate occasions for equipment, and they have always come thru!

Thomas Curran | Google Review | June 22, 2020

Thomas Curran said:
Great experience with the folks over at Envision. We needed a very fast loan for equipment necessary for our commercial kitchens. The whole deal took less than a week and we had our new ovens. Thanks so much!!

Google Review | March 17, 2018

One of the best things about working with Envison Capital Group for many years is they provide custom solutions for our business growth. Whether we are planning on growing our business or evaluating new opportunities, we know we have a trusted partner at our side.

Erik Madsen | Google Review | March 7, 2017

Envision Capital Group is a great resource for our customers who need to finance logging and other heavy equipment. Dan Lund is very quick to follow up with the referrals I send his way and he has the skills and tenacity needed to see the deals through to completion. There’s been nothing but positive experiences with Dan and his team at Envision and we’ll continue to recommend them to our customers who inquire about financing.

Roxana Maselli | Google Review | December 11, 2019

Kim was very helpful, took time to answer questions. Great customer service. We really love the equipment we got. Thank you so much…

Evelia Zapata | Google Review | December 11, 2019

I have worked with Kim Nowak and Scott at Envision Capital, They both have excellent costumer service they gave a professional help on financing our truck, they were very dedicated on attend our needs. I want to express our appreciation to both. Thank you very much!!! and Happy Holy days!!!

Brendan Zachar | Google Review | June, 2016

Envision capital group and it’s team really go above and beyond for their partners. I’m very satisfied in the way they work with you every step of way, A+ support!!

Merl Guth | Google Review | March 11, 2019

I have worked with Daniel Lund who has demonstrated professionalism and “stick to it’ness” in his efforts. I have been very impressed and I would highly recommend him and his organization.

Janice Elliott | Google Review | February 21, 2020

Ken Halik was not only supportive throughout our purchase of new equipment, he was very helpful when we did not receive the service we expected from the company supplying the equipment. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of lending help with equipment for your business. Thank you Ken!

Julie Hess | Google Review | November 8, 2019

Working with Envision, and specifically being ‘relentlessly’ served by Kelly Montalbano (in the BEST possible version of that word!) is the ONLY way to go if a loan is needed. Kelly is unequivocally and creatively  professional, as well as personally caring and gracious. Again, BEST possible combination.  Months of deliberation with our client resulted in not needing a loan at this time. BUT…going to back to Kelly and Envision is a no-brainer next time!

Google Review | October 2, 2019

Ryan McQuitty is a delight to work with. He made the entire tedious loan process a breeze. He was personable and conscientious. I would highly recommend him and Envision Capital to all of my colleagues.

Billy Petty | Google Review | October 7, 2019

Kelly at Envision was fantastic to work with on my latest equipment financing. We were moved through the process very quickly and with no surprises. Their rates were very competitive. I definitely recommend Kelly Montalbano, she is a true professional who is a pleasure to work with.

David Patterson | Google Review | October 28, 2019

We worked with Kelly Montalbano – not only was she available by phone when we needed answers but she delivered a package in record time allowing us to move forward with new contacts and new customers. Excellent support – thank you Kelly.

Cindy Hammons | Google Review | October 28, 2019

I have worked with Diego numerous times for the financing of my equipment for my business. Never have I had such an easy and pleasant experience from start to finish! Low interest, easy terms and the process is top notch. I highly recommend Envision Capital for your financing needs!

Email Review | Michael D’Amico | October 23, 2019

From: Scott (email address omitted for privacy)
Sent: Wednesday, October 23, 2019 6:49 AM
To: Michael D’Amico
Subject: Re: Michael from Envision Capital – Review

Sorry Michael, but I didn’t see this until yesterday.

I also apologize that I’m not the review type. I think the last one I did was about 4 – 5 years ago on Amazon?
But between you and I, it personally was a pleasure to work with you, please know that 🙂

Thank you,

Cesar Barragan | Google Review | October 17, 2019

Company: https://www.coldjet.com

Great service and expertise. They always strive to get the job done with great quality, and are always willing to jump through hoops to get both the customer and us as vendors taken care of. I work with Ryan McQuitty and really couldn’t ask for a better contact point. He’s very knowledgeable and well spoken, which is essential when communicating Lease To Own plans and interest rates for our customers. We’ve completed multiple projects and I’m looking forward to doing more business with them.

Yosvanys Guerrero | Google Review | September 23, 2019

We are very happy and the process was quick and easy. DANIEL COMPAGNI was very professional. We recommend him 100 percent.

Thank you Envision and Daniel .

Julia Gamboa | Facebook Review | August 23, 2019

We just closed a loan with Daniel Campagni. He was very helpful and made the process run smoothly. He was hands on from the beginning to the the end. Thank you!

Ted Mitzlaff | Google Review | August 15, 2019

Kevin Barloon is a pleasure to work with. Great guy, professional, and provides clarity throughout the process.

Review from: Bluegrass Brewing Company

Arturo Velasco | Google Review | July 19, 2019

I highly recommend Envision Capital Group and Kelly Montalbano. They are very easy to get ahold of, always answered any question I had, they guided me thru the process of the loan. Very competitive rates and they understood my business needs.

Peter Willcox | Google Review | March 27, 2019

I have financed many pieces of equipment over the 14 years I have been in business. Envision was the the easiest and quickest company I have used yet. Will defiantly use them again. Great job Ryan McQuitty! Thanks for a smooth transaction!

Google Review | October 7, 2018

Envision helped us put an operating lease program together for our fleet. The team was extremely detailed oriented, and walked us through every step of the process. Brett Allen even went to the dealership to assist with the transaction. I would highly recommend this great team!

John Luck | Google Review | November 19, 2018

Working with Eric LoBosco proved to be a wonderful experience. He was very professional, with excellent follow through, was able to get us a great rate, provided us with updates throughout the entire process, and we sealed the deal in no time at all. The entire experience was seamless. I would recommend Envision capital Group to anyone and plan to use them for our next investment opportunity.

Christina Poulos | Google Review | February 21, 2018

I’ve worked with Dan Lund for a number of years now and you couldn’t find a better guy. He’s always responsive and always finds us the best deal he can. My thanks to Dan and the whole Envision Capital Group for keeping Datamaxx running!

Toni Thompson | Google Review | September 4, 2017

I worked with Diego Oregel and he explained the process every step of the way. Hoping to purchase more equipment this year and will use Envision again!! Highly recommend!

Google Review | August 22, 2017

Ryan McQuitty was awesome to deal with during my process. Customer service at its finest is an understatement. Every question, whether email or phone call, was promptly answered. I used Envision Capital Group to help me grow my business. I received an incredible rate, and I received my equipment quickly. Furthermore, I still receive an occasional email or call–personal service with a genuine concern for my business. Thank you Envision and Ryan!!

Jim Osmun | Google Review | May 19, 2017

We have worked with Envision Capital for over four years; every time we need a project financed, they been there for us. Ryan McQuitty is professional and provides timely follow up to make sure our customer is satisfied. Great Job Envision Team!! Jim Osmun | Scales Industrial Technologies | Sales Manager

Barry Doyle | Google Review | June 3, 2017

I’ve worked with Dan Lund at Envision Capital in getting my customers financing for their trailer purchases. He has gone above and beyond in how well he communicates with the customers as well as with my company and delivers top tier customer service in literally every transaction. I would highly recommend Dan and Envision Capital and will continue using them for helping out those of my customers who choose to finance their purchase.

Steve Reale | Google Review | June 8, 2019

We’re a start-up company and we worked with Kelly Montalbano to help finance an industrial printer for our warehouse. Our group had never financed a printer before and Kelly did a great job at helping me understand the process, the challenges of financing a new business like ours, and ways to creatively address our lack of credit history. She was upfront with information and I always felt that she was honestly working to find ways to get the deal done with us in a positive way. I look forward to financing more equipment with Kelly in the future. Highly recommended.

Google Review | June 3, 2019

Kelly Montalbano at Envision Capital was amazing to work with. The entire process was painless and the equipment got funded quickly.

Farming Industry | Google Review | July 1, 2019

Professionalism, expertise and excellent service by Ken Halik made the entire process comfortable and a pleasant experience. 5-STARS to him. I highly recommend this company. It’s very evident that this company cares and values their business.

Mike Starks | Google Review | March 17, 2019

Envision has been great. We have financed multiple items through them. They are professional, responsive and easy to work with. By far the easiest finance company we have used in 8 years. Highly recommended.

Erika Gamez | Google Review | June 5, 2019

Amazing customer service and professionalism. The loan officers went out of their way to help us and provided incredible support and guidance. Would come back to them again and again. Scott and Kim were just the best to work with, both of these amazing loan officers worked with me numerous late nights just to get everything done the proper way. We could not not been in better hands.