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When it comes to your heavy equipment we know you’re only making money when its working for you, so when something breaks down or you need to grow, its important to get up and running as quickly and easily as possible. No one knows the heavy equipment finance industry like Envision Capital Group. We have been helping businesses nationwide for over 10 years finance the equipment they need to grow their business – and we finance millions of dollars’ worth of equipment every year. Everything we do at Envision Capital Group is designed to make sure you get the very best rate and term possible for your business needs.

Through all the business we do we noticed something…most buyers were attempting to pay cash for their equipment or going to their local bank for loans – both are not always the best options when it comes to acquiring heavy equipment. What people sometimes forget – not only can cash be invested elsewhere and actually make money, it is the life-line of your business. Cash can also help you get through the slow times and pay for things that cannot be financed like repairs and payroll.

Unfortunately, banks don’t really understand heavy equipment finance so they will make you borrow against your business or personal equity instead of the asset itself, which can put your business at risk. The more we talk with our customers the more we discovered that every one of them had different needs when acquiring their equipment.…/what-we-finance/

That got us thinking. What if, only being offered one or two choices, we could structure deals that fit their needs. What if there was a way to help business owners just starting out or have poor credit; and what about people who need to get their equipment out working before they can start making payments? What if it was something simple like the customer took every December off and did not want to make payments that month or maybe they just wanted to make one big payment per year.

How could we help these different types of customers? This is the sole reason why Envision Capital Group was formed. For the past 10 years we have been working with business owners and lenders so we can help all the different types of customers who need heavy equipment (financing). We give you the power to structure a deal that best fits your business needs. We have a team of equipment finance specialist that understand the heavy equipment finance industry; weather you’re in construction, transportation, agriculture, mining, logging, and many others. We are here to make sure you get the financing that best fits you and your business needs.

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