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Manufacturing Equipment Finance Solutions

Factoring for Manufacturing In today’s market, nearly every aspect of acquiring new or used equipment is financeable, from the equipment itself, to installation costs, to freight.  Almost all manufacturing companies will need new equipment at some point. Whether to replace older, inefficient machines with new ones or to invest...

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Transcribed Podcast: Vendor 360 w/ Brett Allen of Envision Capital Group.

I recently sat down with Envision Capital Group co-founder, Brett Allen to talk about the companies proprietary vendor finance program Vendor 360. If you wish to read the podcast transcription — see below. Wade Bergquist: Hello, and welcome to another edition of Ask Envision, Envision Capital Group’s podcast series. Wade Bergquist:...

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PODCAST: Brett Allen & Vendor 360: It’s time you worked with a customer focused finance partner.

Podcast, Vendor 360, Vendor Financing What is Vendor 360? In short, Vendor 360™ is our proprietary vendor financing program designed to help equipment vendors sell more equipment, build their customer database, and drive profits. Our #1 focus is the customer. Everything we do is designed to provide the customer the best financial structure...

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