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Integrate Financing Into Your Sales Process

Let’s Unpack the Seven Steps

Financing and your business
When you offer custom financing, sales can grow exponentially and close faster.

Before you talk with a prospective customer understand what your finance company can offer. Have your finance contact on speed-dial should a question come up. Any finance company worth their salt will be easy to reach when you need them most!

Present financing to your customers at the first opportunity. Whether this happens over the phone, over email, or face-to-face, you want to provide your customer with solutions ASAP.

You can transform your sales presentation from a monologue into a two-way conversation. Talk about the payment solutions available. Let Envision Capital Group do the heavy lifting. You are the expert at “selling”. We are the experts at “financing”.

Talk budget, rates, and terms
Let customers know you can work with them to customize the rates and terms to meet their business needs/budget.

Handling objections
Here is where financing will really help you address potential monetary hurdles. Simply by offering financing objections can be minimized, oftentimes eliminated.

Closing and follow-up
Finalize financing solution and let Envision Capital Group take care of the rest!

Sell More Equipment. Create Loyal Customers. Drive Profits.

Our proven vendor program makes it easy for your customers to get the fast funding they need. That means increased sales and greater profits for you. It can also result in repeat business and referrals.